“Each photographer should see his work printed — this is how progress happens, moving forward.”
Eugene Shishkin

Eugene Shishkin is a photographer from Kazakhstan working in Russia. A graduate of London College of Fashion, he taught at the British Higher School of Design and the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Most of Eugene’s projects were shot on medium format 120 film. Eugene contributes to Office magazine, Numero Russia, Harper's Bazaar Russia, Dazed Digital, I-D Digital, Face, Calvert Journal, Elle Russia, Elle Kazakhstan, Esquire Russia, Vogue Russia, and other publications.

Stas Kalashnikov

Stas Kalashnikov is russian photographer based and working in Paris. His photographs are defined by natural light and models wearing very little to no makeup. In everything he does, the artist stays close to nature and aspires to convey its magnificence.

Dima Stukovnikov

Dima first realized his interest in video when he discovered his parents’ old film camera. He taught himself the art of videography by watching online tutorials and simply asking around. At the moment, Dima is interested in working with sound and is planning to create audiovisual performances.

Dima Chyornyy

Dima started as a “traditional” photographer but then discovered his craving for experiment and enhanced his photographic work through different printing techniques and collage. Now, he finds liberation in improvising and sees his work as a constant search for meaning.

Anton Reva

Anton got interested in visual arts at a young age: while surfing the internet and saving images, he had a habit of explaining each image’s attractivity to himself. He has been studying experimental photographic techniques and has developed a unique creative approach, where images emerge “on their own” as a result of a chaotic search.

Anatoly Shabalin

Anatoly became an artist thanks to his friendship and creative partnership with Anton Reva. He works with a broad variety of media, from plaster or 3D-printed sculptures to objects to painting, and comes up with peculiar techniques, such as handwriting with glue.